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Each of Gail's keynotes can be customized for your audience

Life Lessons My Students Taught Me
Your staff will laugh and cry as they hear true to life facts and foibles of teaching today’s kids, whose candid comments and perspicacious insights provide their teachers with a few new lessons. You’ll leave with renewed enthusiasm for the teaching profession.

Three Steps to Top Performance
Learn three keys steps that every teacher and student can follow to create a more productive, cooperative and safe classroom and school climate. These “refrigerator door” rules can be used to guide students to a lifetime of achievement and success. No Put Downs! Re-learn the Language of Success! The ubiquitous put down dampens enthusiasm, squelches learning and hampers one’s potential. This hilarious keynote pokes fun at the ways we pick on each other, and ourselves as it inspires us to reach for greater success by communicating with greater sophistication.

Answered Prayers
Have you ever prayed for something and then worried that you might get it? In this humorous and inspiring keynote you’ll learn that prayers are often answered in ways that we do not expect. The lessons will surprise you, entertain you and move you to begin praying now, carefully!

Teaching With a Heart in a High Tech World!
Review the kaleidoscope of exciting technology that awaits us in the future. Then look at the marvelous ways we can use this technology to touch the hearts, minds and lives of our students so they can embrace the positive changes of this new century.

Business Keynotes                                                                              Hire Gail Now!
Each of Gail’s keynotes can be customized for your audience.
Inspire and entertain you staff with one of Gail’s outstanding keynote addresses! Gail will customize a keynote especially designed to relate to the particular challenges you face in your industry. She can follow up the keynote with a workshop created to address your specific concerns.

"You researched our industry to customize a keynote just for us!" Well put together and very entertaining. Terry Desnica, Vice President, Network of Executive Women in Hospitality.

Competing on the Razor’s Edge Without Getting Cut
These five steps will make you sharper than your competitors! This five-step method will help you hone your skills and sharpen your competitive advantage. You’ll learn, how to increase your sales, how to keep your clients returning, how to anticipate and benefit from changes that stymie others, how to deal with specific personality types and how to make every interaction a winning one.

Lessons Learned Out of School
Inspiring, funny and practical lessons from the School of Hard Knocks. Nothing prepares us for life like lessons learned from the school of hard knocks. These wonderful tales will cause you to both laugh and to cry. It is the wisdom of everyday living, of trying, and failing and trying again, presented in an inspiring keynote address. These lessons provide the wisdom seldom taught in school, the wisdom necessary to succeed in the world and be successful in business.

You Can Achieve Your Dream!
This dynamic keynote will bring your audience to their feet and send their enthusiasm sky-high. Using some unique activities, your audience will experience what it feels like to achieve their wildest dreams. This unique procedure will unlock the potential to achieve beyond one’s wildest dreams. Your audience will use this process with their friends and spouses. It will be a part of their lives for many years to come. This is a terrific after dinner keynote!

Learn to Speak the Language of Success Successful people think and speak in more positive powerful ways. Learn how to change your life by changing your language. You audience will learn the specific techniques employed by the most successful individuals in attainment of their goals. These effective communication tools will help individuals become more successful and will create a more positive and productive working environment.

Answered Prayers! Delightfully funny, inspiring and amazing stories of prayers and the problems and opportunities that are created when they are answered. Prayer is said to be of value in reducing the risk of heart attack, of providing better mental health and greater individual success. People have been doing it for years. Hear some of the inspiring stories of people who are convinced that their prayers have been answered. And laugh at some of the funny things that occur when people get what they truly asked for.

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